Scientific Calculator App

Scientific Calculator App
  • Swipe your finger over the buttons for quick calculations.
  • Shows all the work that you made in the top area of the calculator
  • Fraction display of the calculation result.
  • Engineering or scientific display of large results.
  • Backspace button for correcting your calculation.
  • Easy editing of the math formula through the use of cursor.
  • Percent calculations (%). You can use the percent button to calculate the percentage increase and the percentage decrease and you can use it to calculate shopping discounts, tips.
  • Handy common functions are included in the calculator such as exponent.
  • Scientific functions are included such as exponent, square root, cube root, natural log, power, logarithmic functions, factorial.
  • Trigonometry (sine, cosine, tan) and hyperbolic functions in both degree and radian angle unit.
  • Remembers the calculation work. All the previous calculation work can be accessed from the calculator menu.
  • Round the decimal result of the calculation.
  • Copy or paste any previously made expression or result to or from the clipboard.
  • Save the math formula or math equation of calculations that you make frequently
  • Landscape and portrait modes.
  • Complex numbers computation.
  • RPN calculation of the math equation.
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